Fancy A Change? Four Unusual Holiday Destinations


You’ve done it. You have finally done it. You’ve decided to take the plunge and go somewhere else on holiday this year! It’s hard, there is no doubt. You don’t get too long to enjoy the sun and the beaches, so you don’t want to ruin your vacation by choosing poorly. That’s why people must travel to the same countries year after year; they stick with the tried and trusted.

But, you’ve made a brilliant decision. What’s life if you can’t live a little? Although sitting on a sun lounger drinking cocktails is good, discovering hidden secrets of the world is even better. Here are a few unusual holiday destinations to put on the top of the list this year.


There isn’t one place that is unusual in India because the whole of the country is strange! That sounds bad, but it isn’t. India is like another world completely, and everything about the country will shock and amaze you.

There is the amazing architecture like the Taj Mahal, the unparalleled sporting activities like the Indian Premier League of cricket and the people. The people are amazing, but it just takes a little bit time for them to understand you! If you jump in headfirst, the beauty and individuality of India will make it one of the unique vacations ever.

It might take a while for the realisation to hit, but it will hit you at some point!


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Gorge du Verdon

As you can tell by the name, the Gorge du Verdon is in France. Now, France might not seem like an unique holiday destination to visit. In fact, it is one of the most popular in the world. Yet, the Gorge du Verdon is a unique piece of land that stretches for 25km and reaches heights of 2,300 feet. The scenery is spectacular as the canyons and gorges will take your breath away, but the jewel in the crown is the water; it resembles hundreds of emeralds made into liquid.

While you are, there take a swim or kayak down the stretch of water to realise the full beauty of the Gorge.

The Bull Run

Again, Spain is a popular place. But, the Basque region in Pamplona, Northern Spain is home to one of the most unusual tourist attractions throughout the world. The Bull Run is world renowned, whatever your opinion, and it is unique because running with the bulls is indigenous to Spain only. The course is a tiny stretch of street that is so narrow it can hardly fit everyone on it, and the result is a stadium full of people cheering and booing in equal measure.

After all, the fun and games have finished, and you came away with your life, you will soon think: what the hell just happened?!


Borneo truly is an amazing place. Words struggle to describe the dense jungles, the buzz of mosquitos and the cheeky orang-utans. You can do all the things you can do elsewhere, like hiking or climbing mountains, but you will be doing it in an environment that you cannot replicate.