France is host to one of the most beautiful caves in Europe

In the heart of the Lozère department (in South West France), 100m under the ground, is an amazing cave where 400 stalagmites have been growing for a million years. These stalagmites are at least a metre high and are the result of rains slowly coming through the ground before falling across the cave drop by drop…


‘Aven Armand’ is the name of this cave, a unique place to visit in Europe and probably one of the best caves to see in the world. Besides being home to all those stalagmites, Aven Armand is also host to the world record highest stalagmite ever discovered under the ground, a 30m high limestone edifice that seems to be rising to the surface of the earth.

The French cave Aven Armand has recently equipped itself with an amazing Sound and Light System that brings an even stronger magic feeling to its visit. A stunning game of colours and projection of 3Dimentional creatures and giant plants makes all parents and children very happy and amazed.

Just after United States and China, France is the country with the most under ground caves to visit. France hosts about 100 caves that are ready to receive visitors. Aven Armand is one of the top 5 most famous of all French caves to visit; it has this magical feeling, an ambiance that could come out of a fantastic movie that all the family will certainly appreciate. The descent to the 200.000m³ cave is provided in a funicular that is accessible to everyone including the disabled, children and of course adults.


You will find the Aven Armand Cave in the charming French village of ‘Hures La Parade,’ two hours away from Montpellier’s International Airport. The closest town is Meyrueis where you will find hotels and restaurants.

Visits to Aven Armand and Meyrueis are the perfect idea for an unusual weekend in France. Count about 100€ for the fight, 50€ for a car rental (to get to Meyrueis and Aven Armand), 50€ to 100€ for hotel night, and 11.50€ for a ticket (adult) to the cave, the weekend should not cost you more than 250€ to 300€ with food.

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