Top 5 Things that Chinese Women Love about Dating Foreign Men



Why Chinese woman prefer Western men: 5 reasons

Even as a man in a Western country, it’s not difficult to meet Chinese women. Beyond that, it’s an open secret that Chinese women tend to like and even prefer men from Western countries. If you have experience dating Chinese women as a Westerner, then you’ve heard them dote about the qualities you possess that Chinese men do not. A few of those qualities are outlined here.

  1. Skin tone

The adage that to be white is to be beautiful is one that dates to China’s Han Period when women of the court were held to a standard of beauty that privileged lighter skin. Chinese supermarkets are bursting with products that claim to whiten your skin, and models on billboards all feature pasty complexions. It’s no wonder, then, that being a Westerner with white skin is something that Chinese women find desirable. The right skin tone is the first step to easily date Chinese women.

  1. Knowing how to have a good time

Many Chinese men tend to value moving up the career ladder and providing a stable, financially successful life for their families. While this can be noble, it doesn’t make for a group that appreciates the value of fun and recreation. Chinese women tend to view Western men as putting a greater emphasis on enjoying life while you live it. If you want to date Chinese women, then, it’s good to remember that, sometimes, girls just want to have fun.

  1. Western culture has influence in China

Western culture has gradually secured a foothold in many developing countries. Of these, China is not an exception, and the feeling of securing a man from a culture that exerts a positive force on your own makes it an attractive option for many Chinese women. Western brands are often the most prestigious and expensive in China, and English skills are prized and paid for with better jobs and social advantages.. When you meet Chinese women, keep this in mind.

  1. Willingness to forgive the past

The statistics for divorce in the United States and elsewhere in the Western World tell us something interesting: divorce is common there. In fact, around 50 percent of marriages in the USA alone end in divorce. As such, the pool of datable people from divorced relationships is much higher, so dating someone who may have already been divorced in the past is common and accepted there. In China, the stigma of dating a divorced woman can outweigh any positive character elements such women may possess. Since Westerners are accepting, it’s natural for Chinese brides to gravitate towards them.

  1. Straightforwardness

There isn’t much of a ‘face’ culture in Western countries. ‘Losing face’, or damaging your reputation in China, can be cultural suicide. Since Western men aren’t used to dealing with this kind of culture, Chinese women see them as more open about what they want, and sometimes more amenable when disagreements arise. For those who want Chinese brides, this understanding makes life easier.