Ultimate Guide To Skiing For Beginners

If you are looking for something new to do this winter, you could try taking a holiday in the sun to top up your tan. Other than laying on a sun-kissed beach all day there isn’t too much to do on a winter sun retreat. For something more action-packed and full of fun, think about taking up a winter sport. There are lots of great ski slopes in France, and this year looks to be great for learning to ski.

 When you are looking for the right ski slope for you, it is important to consider your skill level. If you are a complete beginner, you need to find a resort that is very beginner friendly. You will need easy to use equipment, and the right lessons pitched at your level. You may be with children and going as a family, so be sure to pick a family friendly holiday package.

 Once you have decided on the right resort, you may want to book lessons as a group or some private tuition. Booking in advance makes sure there are places at the time you arrive at the resort. As a beginner with no lessons, you are unlikely to get too much out of your winter holiday. See if you can reserve some equipment too. You may want to hire skis, poles and boots as these are expensive. If you decide skiing isn’t for you, then you won’t be stuck with expensive equipment at the end of your holiday.

 Good skiing weather is cold, bright and sunny. This means you need to wrap up warm in ski trousers and jacket. You will also need a hat and gloves as a minimum. Your lips, nose and cheeks will be susceptible to wind chill and sunburn, so ensure you are protected with UV creams and sun blocks. Finally, invest in a really good pair of ski sunglasses or goggles to keep down the glare of sunlight on the snow.


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 When you book a ski package, you will need to make some decisions about accommodation. One of the cheapest ways to stay at the resort is to book space in a chalet. Morzine Chalets and chalets in the other resorts will give you a chance to meet other skiers and enjoy some company on holiday. Smaller chalets can accommodate just you and the family, but they can be quite expensive.

 Now you have booked your holiday, you are likely to need to buy some travel insurance to cover you for winter sports. This isn’t too expensive if you are reasonably young and in good health. Skiing uses groups of muscles in your legs that may not have been worked out in that way before. To avoid feeling achy after your first day, try taking on some pre-ski exercises a few weeks before you go on holiday. This will help prepare your body for the activities ahead. While skiing isn’t the cheapest sport to get into, it is one of the most popular winter holiday activities and is rather good at keeping you fit.